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Euromast tower

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The Euromast is an observation tower, built for the Floriade of 1960 and is listed as a monument since 2010. The total height of the structure is 185 meters and was until recently the highest building of Rotterdam, until it got surpassed by the Zalmhaventoren.

It has a “crow’s nest” observation platform at 96 meters, which was designed as the bridge of a ship. This was done to pay homage to Rotterdam’s seaport, which earned the title of largest port in the world in the same year the tower was finished.

On the observation deck there’s also a restaurant and two hotel rooms, all with spectacular view of the city. From the observation platform you can enter the Space Cabin, a rotating observation cabin bringing you all the way to the top. When the weather conditions are good, you can see as far as Utrecht from the top, a city 50 kilometers away.

What’s included?

  • Access to the Euromast, including a ride with the Space Cabin

How to get there?

Take tram #8 and stop at the Euromast tram stop.

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