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Rotterdam Zoo ‘Blijdorp’

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Rotterdam Zoo ‘Blijdorp’, is one of the oldest zoos of the Netherlands and with over 1.5 million visitors a year it’s also the most visited zoo. A very modern zoo trying hard to recreate the natural habitats for their animals.

The zoo is divided into continents and cluster the animals based on their continent of origin. Close to 200 larger species can be found within the zoo.

Part of the zoo is Oceanium, a public aquarium opened in 2001. The main focus of Oceanium is to showcase fish, birds and mammals from the Americas. All aquariums of Oceanium offer fresh seawater, a staggering total of 8 million liters (2 million gallons).

In 2013 Amazonica was opened, at that time the largest butterfly greenhouse of Europe. Next to butterflies you will also find fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects there.

Rotterdam Zoo participates in over 70 breeding programs and coordinates a number of these, including the international breeding programs for red pandas, Asian elephants and Komodo dragons.

Next to Oceanium a new area was set up, specifically focused on some smalller, but very endangered species. In here you can get a glimpse of Rotterdam Zoo’s extensive breeding and animal protection programs.

All together a world class zoo that you should defintely visit if you have the chance!

What’s included?

  • Entrance to the zoo

How to get there?

Diergaarde Blijdorp has its own parking lot (P1) in front of the main entrance (Blijdorplaan 8). Take exit 13 ‘Blijdorp’ on the ring Rotterdam North (A20) and follow the signs ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’ for the parking lot P1. There are also charging points here for 100% electric cars. Parking tickets are available at the ticket machines of the zoo (pin only).

Take RET bus 44 to Zuidplein from Central Station or tram 25 towards Schiebroek. Both bus and tram stop in front of the city side entrance of the zoo.

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