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Miniworld Rotterdam

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Minworld Rotterdam truly is a wonderful eperience for young and old. In an area of 600 square meters one of the largest rail modeling displays of the world was built. It started out as a project by rail enthusiasts, but turned out as one of the more unique attractions of Rotterdam.

In the world of Miniworld Rotterdam a single day only lasts 24 minutes. So every 24 minutes the lights will dim and close to 20.000 lights turn the miniature world into an evenmore magical place.

The area is divided into diffrerent themes. Ofcourse a miniature version of Rotterdam, but also the Dutch coast and suburbia can be found. Since Rotterdam is a port city, a lot of attention went to recreating the massive industries of the nautical world. You can see immense ships and offshore oil platforms while trains roll by in the background.

A new addition to Miniworld Rotterdam is the recreation of England and Scotland. You get to see classic British trains travelling past English towns and entering the tunnels of the Scottish highlands.

Visiting Miniworld Rotterdam really brings out the kid in you, looking in awe at the enormous display of over 150 rolling trains and 27,000 miniature people.

What’s included?

  • Access to Miniworld Rotterdam

How to get there?

It’s only a small ten minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station.

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