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Best free petting zoos of Rotterdam

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If you’re looking for a free but enjoyable way to spend some times with your kids, you can visit one of the many petting zoos throughout Rotterdam. In Dutch a petting zoo is called a ‘kinderboerderij’, which literally translates to children’s farm. There are about 20 petting zoos in the urban area of which 8 are run by the City of Rotterdam.

Kinderboerderij De Kraal

Located in the Kralingse Bos, this petting zoo is probably closest by to the actual city center. The usual animals can be found there like, goats, pigs, cows and chickens, but also aviaries for different kinds of parakeets and finches. A very clean and well set-up place this one is defintely one of our favourites.

The cool thing about this petting zoo is also the location right next to the Kralingse Plas, a popular leisure area of the city. Especially during hot summer days a lot of Rotterdammers go there and spend some time on the waterside. You can take a dip in the lake, or for kids there’s also a free splash pool. So all together a perfect place to spend a hot summer day with your kids.

How to get there?

Take tram #7 and get out at Boezemstraat. From there it’s a 10 minute walk into the Kralingse Bos. Click here for the location on Google maps.

Kinderboerderij De Bokkesprong

Right next to one of the busiest intersections of Rotterdam, you’ll find De Bokkesprong. A petting zoo that alread exists since 1973. Probably the petting zoo that is best connected to the public transport network of Rotterdam. It’s especially for it’s location rather large and a lot of different animals can be found there. Inside the petting zoo you’ll also find a small playground and a place to buy drinks and ice creams. A cool thing about this place is that there are a couple of small tractor there that the kids can just take to play with.

How to get there?

As mentioned this petting zoo is well connected to public transport since it’s right next to the Marconiplein junction. Subway lines A, B and C all have a stop there, just like trams #4, #8, #21, #23 and #24. From the station it’s about a 5 minute walk to De Bokkesprong. Click here for the location on Google maps.

Kinderboerderij De Molenwei

Located on the south bank close by to the large Zuiderpark you can find petting zoo De Molenwei. This one is the most Dutch looking of the three mentioned. Right next to a traditional windmill and built with typical Dutch-style countryside buildings. They have different kinds of chickens, peacocks and turkeys. A large pasture where you can walk around and pet the sheep and goats. Also cows, horses, rabbits and different kinds of rodents call this petting zoo home.

How to get there

The place can be found at the end of tram line #2. This tram line only runs south of the river, so when travelling from the city center you should always transfer. Station Maashaven would be a good option for that, since it’s a junction for subway and trams. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

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