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Where to get the best sushi in Rotterdam

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When sushi became more mainstream in the late 90’s a lot of Sushi restaurants popped up throughout Rotterdam. Nowadays there are over 100 restaurants in the greater Rotterdam area serving sushi. Many of them are the all-you-can-eat places that focus more on quantity than quality, but some of them really stand out.

Japanese Cuisine Yama

Japanese Cuisine Yama is widely considered to be the best sushi restaurant in Rotterdam. Owner and chef Hiroaki Yamamoto creates sushi masterpieces while only using the highest quality ingeredients. Don’t expect to make a last minute reservation here, since this restaurant is fully booked months in advance.

The menu only has one item, the ‘Chef’s choice Omakase‘, with a price of 160 euros. The Omakase consists of 6 different sushi courses and a dessert. Yama offers a drinks arrangement with matching sake for each course. If you’re lucky enough to make a reservation you are expected to arrive on time, since the dinner experience starts for all guests at 7 pm.

Japanese Cuisine Yama is located at Eendrachtsweg 31A. Take tram #7 #8 or #23 or take the subway and stop at station Eendrachtsplein. From there it’s a 3 minute walk.

Mori Sushi Bar

Mori Sushi Bar is located in the Foodhallen, a culinary concept where you can come to enjoy food from cuisines from all over the world. Basically it’s more a glorified food stand than a restaurant, but don’t let that fool you. Mori’s sushi is fresh and made of top ingredients. Their sushi is also not purely traditional and they experiment with flavours from other world cuisines.

Next to sushi Mori also offers fresh made Poke Bowls, some fried dishes and a Japanese sausage, called Arabiki. Through the website you can place an order you can pick up at any moment you choose.

Mori is located in the Foodhallen at Wilhelminakade 52-58. Take tram #20, #23 or #25 or take the subway and stop at tram/subway stop Wilhelminaplein.

Aqua Asia Club

Sushi with a view! Aqua Asia Club is a restaurant and lounge club that also offer rooms for meetings. It is located in the massive De Rotterdam building, designed by world famous and Rotterdam native architect Rem Koolhaas. From the restaurant you have a spectacular view on the river and the Erasmusbrug.

Aqua Asia Club is not a sushi bar, but a restaurant that offers asian dishes from various Asian countries. Still, that does not affect the quality of the sushi, which is delicious and made of high quality ingedients. Some of their nigiri and maki are even made with Wagyu beef and foie gras. Something you won’t find in the average sushi bar.

Aqua Asia Club is located at Holland Amerikakade 106. Take tram #20, #23 or #25 or take the subway and stop at tram/subway stop Wilhelminaplein.

Shiki Sushi & Lounge

Shiki Sushi & Lounge is a restaurant known for its friendly staff and trendy interior. It is not located in Rotterdam’s city center, but in the borough of Prins Alexander, right next to the train and subway station. Next to Sushi they also offer fried and deep fried dishes, but all from Japanese cuisine. And if you feel like having a delicious cocktail, Shiki is the place to go since their menu with drinks is almost as extensive as their sushi menu.

Shiki Sushi & Lounge is located at Prins Alexanderlaan 37A, right next to the Prins Alexander train and subway station.


Azura is the third restaurant on this list that is located on the Wilhelminapier. The restaurant offers top quality sushi in a stylish place with high walls, dimmed lights and fancy decorations. This place really has a classy atmosphere and their sushi matches that well. It’s made with fresh ingredients and perfectly plated. Some of their dishes are made with Wagyu beef, foie gras or caviar and they offer a large variety of sashimi.

Azura is located at Otto Reuchlinweg 1166. Take tram #20, #23 or #25 or take the subway and stop at tram/subway stop Wilhelminaplein.

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