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Things to do with kids in Rotterdam

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There are many cool things to do in Rotterdam that your kids will love. We made a selection to help you out with choosing some of the most fun activities.

Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp

Which kid doesn’t love the zoo?! And Rotterdam has one that is absolutely world class, called Blijdorp Zoo. Considered one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos, Blijdorp is a naturalistic oasis where you can see creatures from all around the world. Red pandas, tigers, elephants, sea lions, silverback gorillas, and more call this place home.

Within the zoo you can visit the Oceanium, an exhibition with dozens of huge aquariums. Or visit Amazonica, a piece of rainforest where you can walk past enclosures of snakes, frogs and insects, while all kinds of butterflies fly freely throughout the indoor rainforest. Next to a wide selection of animals the zoo also offers a very large indoor and outdoor playground. You can easily spend a day here and your kids will love it!

Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam is another fun experience for kids. It features tiny, intricately detailed versions of Rotterdam’s famous buildings. See dikes, canals, windmills, pumping stations and more while dozens of miniature trains roll past them. Every 24 minutes the lights will dim and close to 20.000 lights turn this miniature world into a magical place.


Plaswijckpark is a small amusement park and zoo with a lot of cool things to do for younger kids. Since it’s not that big the entrance price is also not that high. But eventhough its smaller size your kids still can easily enjoy a whole day there. Next to playgrounds, rides and attractions Plaswijckpark also features a large outdoor kiddy pool. So don’t forget to bring swim wear when the weather is nice enough!

Splashtours Rotterdam

You can take a hop on-hop off bus to see the city and you can take a city tour by boat. But why not both! Splashtours will take you to the most exceptional and beautiful places in Rotterdam, followed by the “splash”: a spectacular dive into the Maas River. Suddenly the bus turns into a seaworthy vessel, sailing down the river with spectacular views of the city skyline! It’s one of the more populare tourist attractions in the city, so make sure to book in time!

Maritime Museum

A very interesting museum about the maritime world with has quite a lot to offer for younger and older kids. Rotterdam’s Maritime Museum is located right in the city center and brings the city’s seafaring past, present, and future to life. As well as engaging hands-on exhibitions, the museum features an open-air harbour museum, where you can see some of history’s greatest ships, then climb aboard for yourself!

Climbing Park Fun Forest

At the edge of the Kralingse Plas, in the green forest, you will find Climbing Park Fun Forest. A place where you and your kids can climb trees in a very safe way. The climbing forest offers different tracks and routes catered to different ages.

Petting Zoos

Looking for a free and fun way to spend some time with kids, why not visit one of the many petting zoos throughout the city?

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