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Coolest playgrounds of Rotterdam

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There are many playgrounds in this city, but where can you find the coolest playgrounds in Rotterdam? A lot of playgrounds are small and do not ask for an entrance fee, but some of the largest ones do ask for a small fee to enter. Usually a Euro or less. These playgrounds are called playground associations and are gated. They’re run by eager volunteers and often have a small shop to buy refreshments and ice creams. Some do not accept bank cards, so keep that in mind when visiting.

We numbered all the playgrounds in the list. Not that it’s a ranking, but this way you can spot the location of the playground easily on the map. For an overview of free petting zoos see this page.

1. Speelcentrum “Weena”

Speelcentrum “Weena” is a large playground just across the Central Station. From april – september it’s open everyday until 6 PM, and in weekends until 5 PM. Entrance is free for children and parents. There is a lot of different recreational equipment for children of all ages. During children’s vacations they often have large bouncy castles and when the weather’s nice the playground offers cool water activities too.

Location of the playground.

2. Speeltuin Het Westen

The cool thing about this playground is that it’s right next to a large petting zoo. So you could visit both in one trip. And the playground also has a large skatepark next to it. The entrance to the playground is free of charge and opens everyday at 11 AM. Most of the equipment is in a wooden castle theme and is built on a sand surface. There are a couple of slides and quite a lot of swings. Small and big ones. And for parents there are a lot of benches to just sit and relax and see your kids having fun! The playground is very well connected to the public transport network by trams and subway.

Location of the playground.

3. Speeltuinvereniging Kralingen

A cosy playground with a lot of equipment, but for some reason never that crowded. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s located in a student area, right next to the Excelsior Football Stadium. This playground has more to offer for younger children than older children. There is a small entrance fee, but prices for drinks, ice cream and French fries are very reasonable. The playground is reachable with trams #7, #21 and #24.

Location of the playground.

4. Speeltuin Pascal

Quite far away from the city center, but reachable by tram from the Central Station in about 25 minutes by tram #20. Speeltuin Pascal is well maintained and rather large. Next to a lot of different modern and high quality recreational equipment they also organize a lot of activities. The entrance fee is €1 and the playground opens at 10 AM on friday, monday and tuesday. The other days it opens at noon.

Location of the playground.

5. Speeltuin De Torteltuin

This playground is named after the park of famous Dutch children’s book Pluk van de Petteflet. The playground is more like a small park and is lovely situated with a lot of trees and other vegetation. So it’s also a very nice place for parents to just sit back and relax. There’s enough to do for younger and older children and during vacations they organize a lot of activities. During summer months they often have bouncy castles to jump on. The entrance fee is €1.

Location of the playground.

6. Speeltuin Oudedijk

A playground free of charge with a basketball and football ground. Tram #7 stops right next to the playground. It’s a little smaller than most of the other playgrounds on this list, but still a nice place to visit. There’s a large sandbox so don’t forget to bring little buckets and small shovels!

Location of the playground.

7. Speeltuinvereniging Crooswijk

Located in Crooswijk close by to the city center, this playground is well maintained with a lot of new equipment. Next to the traditional equipment the playgroud also offers some digital interactive playing objects. It’s rather large and especially during vacation days a lot of activities are organized for children of all ages. There’s also a small kiddie pool with a mushroom object that sprays water. The entrance fee is €0.50 for a child and €1 for an adult.

Location of the playground.

8. Natuurspeeltuin De Speeldernis

This playground is a natuurspeeltuin, which basically means it’s very eco-friendly and the objects are all made of logs and ropes. It’s very well situated in an area with lots of vegetation and water. Especially during hot summer months it’s a great place to take your children and have them play around in the water. The entrance fee is €2.50, so rather high compared to other playgrounds, but your children can enjoy themselves in this playground for a whole day easily.

Location of the playground.

9. Speeltuinvereniging Vreewijk De Vaan

A large playing ground with lots of equipment for all ages. Next to traditional equipment it also has some digital interactive playing objects. There’s a small shop that sells ice creams for as cheap as €0.25 and a lot of other refreshments and candy for very reasonable prices. The playground is only connected to the public transport network by bus #76 and there’s no entrance fee.

Location of the playground.

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